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Woodford Honey's Beekeeper
Lyle Clinton of Woodford Honey My name is Lyle and I became interested in beekeeping just as a hobby. I started with one hive with the basic equipment and soon became fascinated by these complex creatures.

Soon I was adding to my hives and upgrading my equipment. I now have eleven hives on our property which can yield up to 600 kilos of honey annually depending on weather conditions.

The breed of bees I use is Apis Mellifera or European Honey Bee. I am a member of the Nepean Beekeepers Association and a qualified Apiarist after completing a course at TAFE. The Nepean Beekeepers Association meets once a month to share information and to hone our skills working on the Bee Hives at the Club.

I am currently learning how to graft Queen Cells so I can breed my own Queen Bees when I require them.

If you would like to see some photos of my Bees and Honey, please click HERE or the PHOTO link at the top of this page.